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Hi all I was wondering if it is possible for eclipse to stop "italizing" the words in the editor?

These are my settings for General >> Appearance >> Colors and Fonts:

enter image description here

I've selected "Regular" style, however in eclipse it shows as this:

enter image description here

as can be seen, the BEST_DISPLAY_MODES and getBestDisplayMode are italized. Is there anyway to change that font to "regular" font?

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To change the settings for Java syntax highlighting (and similarly for other languages) got to Window->Preferences. From there expand Java->Editor->Syntax Coloring. There you will see options for colors and styles for each type of token that is colorized/styled. You should be able to fix it there.

enter image description here

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Cool that does it =) –  Pacerier Nov 14 '11 at 4:17

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