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I have the following sentences:

my $sent = 'D. discoideum and D. purpureum developmental programs revealed';

Is there a way I can split the lines so that two consecutive words that have '.' (dot) in between will be treated as one word?

Hence we hope to get this after splitting:

$VAR = ['D. discoideum', 
         'D. purpureum',

The standard s/\s+//g will split everything based on space.

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Try splitting on:


This expression matches any space character that does not follow a period, without matching the period itself.

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+1 - thanks, was just testing that when you commented. I thought I could do it without a lookahead/behind then realized that whole "Last letter isn't a period" part. –  Brian Roach Nov 14 '11 at 3:35

Without a split using a regex:

my @words = $sent =~ /(\S+\.\s+\S+|\S+)/g;
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