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When I try to print the webpage, only the frame appears in the print when using IE or other browsers. However, through the google chrome, the whole page gets printed.

I have done a little research and found out that adding the OpenFrame plugin would do the trick. However, I am looking for the solution without the plugins. Our product is used by a number of customers and we can't ask them to install any plugins.

Can we fix this by making CSS changes or scripts.

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Well the only workaround I could suggest is to open the source of the page and find the section

clink on the link and print it.

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The best way is to use this "Chrome App" to add a Context sub-menu to your Chrome.

After the installation right click on the frame you want to print, select [This Frame] and the select the option that fits the best with your situation, usually [Open Frame in New tab]. Once you have the frame in a new tab you simply print it with CTRL-P or Right-Click [Print].

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Really wish this was baked into Chrome –  Madbreaks Jul 14 '14 at 18:30

You should be using CSS:

@media print { .div-to-not-print {display: none} }

In the print version the blocks with class div-to-not-print will be hidden.

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Using JavaScript you can print frames independently, e.g.


If you include a print button or listen to print events, you can call your print function that prints only the frame you want.

Or you can use CSS @media print to set what gets printed

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