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I have a function which would populate a datatable with the contents of a table. But its showing an annoying invalid column name error with the value I give in the WHERE clause.

public static DataTable GetRequests(string empid)
   DataTable dt = new DataTable();
   string strConnection = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["connStr"];
   using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(strConnection))
      SqlCommand sqlcmd = new SqlCommand();
      SqlDataAdapter sAdap = new SqlDataAdapter();                
      sqlcmd.Connection = connection;
      sqlcmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text;
      sqlcmd.CommandText = "Select * from requests Where emp_id=P001";                
      sAdap.SelectCommand = sqlcmd;
   return dt;            

Now with this i am getting the error at


and the error is

invalid column name P001

I'm stumped at this. Any ideas why I'm facing this issue?

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If it's a string constant, surround it with single quotes. 'P001' or better still, paramaratise it.

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You need string delimiters around the value. Change the line to:

sqlcmd.CommandText = "Select * from requests Where emp_id='P001'";

with the single quotes around P001 and you should be fine.

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aww i hate when it when i make a fool of myself, thanks man –  swordfish Nov 14 '11 at 3:50

You need to use single quote.

where emp_id='P001'
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It looks like your P001 data is a string type. Try quoting it with single quotes before feeding it in as an sql string.

sqlcmd.CommandText = "Select * from requests Where emp_id='P001'";

If that doesn't work (though it should) you can try the like statement as in:

sqlcmd.CommandText = "Select * from requests Where emp_id like 'P001'"; 
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You need to surround your (apparrently) text criteria with single quotes:

sqlcmd.CommandText = "Select * from requests Where emp_id = 'P001'";
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