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I'm trying to add some items to a NSPopUpButton during runtime, but I cannot make any modifications to it, I can only read values.

(part of) my code:

@interface GAH : NSObject {
    // ...
    IBOutlet NSPopUpButton *popper;
    // ...


and then my @implementation:

@implementation GAH

// ...
-(void)someMethod {
    // in a for loop
    NSString *name = @"a name from the loop";
    [popper addItemWithTitle:name];
    // end for loop

    NSLog(@"items: %d", [popper numberOfItems];

The last line returns 0 even though the addItemWithTitle gets called multiple times (i made sure the name is set correctly)

The following is also a sign of it's "read-only"

[popper setAutoenablesItems:YES];
NSLog(@"%@", [popper isAutoenablesItems] ? @"YES": @"NO");
// Prints "NO"

Am I missing something to the IBOutlet declaration?

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Is NSPopUpButton even initialized when you are calling it? A nil object will no-op. At no point in your code are you checking if it is nil or not. I'd put a log statement to see if popper is nil. If it is, make sure it is connected in your nib.

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Wow...I'm such a dufus, that was of course the case. Guess I was expecting some sort of error message when trying to assign stuff to null objects (like in java, where I usually belong) –  Tomas Nov 14 '11 at 4:01

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