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I was looking at making a folder structure like this

   |-- myProject
       |-- index.php
       |-- settings.ini
       |-- .htaccess (project)
|--.htaccess (main)

I waned some global .htaccess rules in the main .htaccess file but I wanted some project specific rules in the project .htaccess

Is there a way I can have both .htaccess fils co-exist? or have the project .htaccess file included in the main .htaccess?

I know in apache you can include files, because in my httpd.conf i have an include statement to include .conf files outside of the directory.

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On my server I have exactly what you have here. One .htaccess file for the htdocs folder and one for another site.

I never had any problem, it seems that the .htaccess for the project overrides the .htaccess for htdocs.

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the problem I think I am having is that since the nature of my index.php on the root (htdocs) will control what project gets viewed by including the files from the projects rather than having redirects (or header locations). With that method then the sub level htaccess will never get accessed. So I wanted my main htaccess to load the project htaccess file. – Eli Nov 14 '11 at 6:53

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