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I have a 2giga mpeg file of people runnig,jogging,walking etc. in it. I will use it in a image classification project but I need to segmentate the video depending on per person an per action.

for example; there are 25 people in video which repeat these actions in order

1st person -runs -walks

2nd person

-runs -walks

and goes on....

and what I want is to have 2 different mpeg file for each person such as; firstperson_runs.mpeg firstperson_waves.mpeg

so I need a tool to split big file into these files. Splitting shall be due to time.

such as; pick t1:start of action pick t2:end of action create a new video from big file for the interval t1 and t2

of course I will select time intervals for each video.

OS:Winxp pro

if it can be done by matlab ,can you describe it? any help???

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While I feel for you, S.O. is for programming questions only. This kind of question highlights the need for a general computer question version of stack overflow. – Omar Kooheji May 1 '09 at 15:05
Use VirtualDub ( and don't ask such not programming related questions on SO. – schnaader May 1 '09 at 15:07
thnkx for answer. But this is not so far away from programming. It can be answered by only people working on image processing. If it were like "how can I divide a video by movie maker",you would be right. – tguclu May 1 '09 at 15:34
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Matlab can do such video split operations. There are two built in functions (aviread and mmreader) for reading video files. Both will create objects which contain the individual frames of the video. You can save these as separate frames or make a new video out of by using avifile.

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I imagine there are a number of tools available to do this without MATLAB, but if you really want to use MATLAB I would check out these submissions on The MathWorks File Exchange:


As mentioned by M456, you can also use the built-in function MMREADER for creating a multimedia reader object for your movie file (and subsequently reading selected movie frames from it with the READ method). However, I don't know which version of MATLAB this function was introduced in. It is in versions 7.7 and 7.8 (R2008b and R2009a, respectively), but it is not in version 7.1.

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