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I have a repeater. and when we click on its row its redirecting to another page along with one value. Using the code

<asp:Repeater ID="rep_Tasks" runat="server">
        <tr onclick='window.location = "<%# ResolveClientUrl( "~/Detailpage.aspx?jtid=" + Eval("taskid") ) %>"' style="cursor: pointer;">

now there is another field that is "name" its coming through query string on this page. now i want to use this value also in tr's on click , I don't know how please help me.

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Have you tried:

+ Request.QueryString["name"]


Also I recommend to do that in code-behind on, say ItemCreated event.

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Bind With Database Field: "' style="cursor: pointer;">

Here is simple example to create link in DataItemTemplate of a GridView:

<dx:GridViewDataTextColumn Caption="Role" FieldName="Role" Name="colRole" VisibleIndex="3" Width="30px">
        <a href='<%# "ReceivePage.aspx?id=" + Eval("UserName") + "&b="+ Eval("Password")  %>'>link</a>

If you want to use querystring in the binding then simply call server side code in href..

 <tr onclick='window.location="<%# ResolveClientUrl( "~/Detailpage.aspx?jtid=" + Eval("taskid") + "&name=" + Request.QueryString["name"] ) %>"' style="cursor: pointer;">
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