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So of course we must try-catch-finaly any Closable resource.

But I came across some code which sins as follows:

java.util.Properties myProps = ... reads & loads (and doesn't close Stream!) FileOutputStream(myFilePath), null);
System.exit(0); flushes the underlying stream (the FileOutputStream) Will this be enough? Can you think of a scenario where the file won't be written? assuming that the method passes and no exception is being thrown in 'store'

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If you don't want open file references I would close the streams. Flushing only makes sure that all changes are written to file.

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There can't be any open file references after System.exit(). – EJP Nov 14 '11 at 9:19

It is enough in this specific case, but it is nevertheless very bad practice. The FileOutputStream should be closed, not merely flushed.

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