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I am trying to read from datareader but i am gettin the error "Invalid attempt to call Read when reader is closed." The stored procedure is working fine but when i try to read fom datareader it throws error.Plz help me

protected void CheckDatabase()
        SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(GetConnectionString());
        SqlParameter[] param = new SqlParameter[2];
        param[0]= new SqlParameter("@EmpID", SqlDbType.Int);
        param[0].Value = txtEmpId.Text;
        param[1]= new SqlParameter("@Date", SqlDbType.VarChar,50);
        param[1].Value = txtDate.Text;
        SqlDataReader reader = DNDatabase.ExecuteStoredProcedureReader("RetrieveDeatails", param);
        while (reader.Read())
            gridConfirm.DataSource = reader;
            gridConfirm.Columns[0].Visible = false;
                Session["Task_List"] = reader;


here is stored Procedure code

public static SqlDataReader ExecuteStoredProcedureReader(string procedureName, SqlParameter[] parameters)

        SqlConnection _conn = new SqlConnection(DNDatabase.SQLConnectionString);
        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(procedureName, _conn);
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
        cmd.CommandText = procedureName;
        cmd.CommandTimeout = 300;

            foreach (SqlParameter param in parameters)

            return cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection);
        catch (Exception sqlExc)
            throw new Exception("An error occured", sqlExc);
            if (_conn != null)
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It's hard to tell without knowing what DNDatabase.ExecuteStoredProcedureReader looks like. –  Foole Nov 14 '11 at 7:25

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This looks like a bad idea to me:

Session["Task_List"] = reader;

You execute that and then call reader.Read() again, continuing until there's nothing left to read. Presumably you also close the reader at some point (I'd hope - ideally with a using statement). Fundamentally, a SqlDataReader is a connected resource - it's like a stream to the database. It's not something you should be holding onto for longer than you need to, and it's certainly not something you should be putting in a session, even if you didn't effectively invalidate it with the subsequent Read() call.

I assume that data binding works by fetching the data when you call DataBind(), but there's no indication of what you're trying to achieve by putting a reference to the reader itself into the session.

I suggest that:

  • You isolate whether this is actually to do with the session or the databinding
  • If it's the session, you pull all of the data you need out (e.g. into a DataTable or some other "disconnected" form)
  • If it's the databinding, you'll need to do something similar - but as I say, you can hope that that's not the problem, to start with - I assume you saw this sort of databinding elsewhere?

Additionally, you should consider why you want to loop - currently you're basically going to loop over all the results and only the last one is going to be displayed (because you're overwriting the databinding each time). Is that really what you want?

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+10 for complete explaination –  DeveloperX Nov 14 '11 at 7:34
I also tried after removing session from there but got the same problem..I just wanted databinding and then i needed the data retrievd some where else............... –  mona Nov 14 '11 at 8:36
@mona: So you need to actually fetch the data from the SqlDataReader into whatever form you wanted. I suggest you load it into a strongly-typed object or collection, then bind to that and put that object in the session or whatever. –  Jon Skeet Nov 14 '11 at 8:52

check DNDatabase.ExecuteStoredProcedureReader code may it close the reader after fetchdata and another thing i should say is: you can'nt use Session["Task_List"] = reader; because reader is forwardonly and if you want to keep current value of reader in a seesion load in data table and keep data row of table

DataTable dt = new DataTanle(); dt.Load(dr); and loop over data table rows

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Your method ExecuteStoredProcedureReader has a finally statement which closes the connection. Hence you cannot read anything from the reader. Either close the reader in your method where you call ExecuteStoredProcedureReader or merge both the methods to have them in a single method.

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