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I am creating a new project which needs a simple html editor. How can I create simple text editor using jquery?

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I suggest that: jqueryte

This is wonderful and simple ;)

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Thanks for the suggestion, I forked it and made it jQuery Mobile optimized, I will post an answer. –  Jeff Oct 9 '12 at 13:21
How do I implement it? –  Codepen is better May 18 at 21:27

I forked the jQueryTE plugin (a great, minimal rich text editor) and made it jQuery Mobile compatible - it now resizes with the browser, and the panel will span 2 lines if necessary (portrait-view on iPhone for instance).

A screenie of what this looks like:




enter image description here

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for it you can directly download code of text editor and out it in your application you can download it from following sites:

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By a simple search you can find a lot of editors so I recommend this one 10 jQuery Text Editor Plugins

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You may choose one of these:

I personally prefer TinyMCE, non jquery editor.

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CKEditor is my option for decent Editor.

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CKEditor is not simple, in fact it's very bloated. –  bababa Mar 20 '13 at 15:48

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