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I have passed a printf formated string to a function and try to separate the content of that string by using sscanf(). But following is the problem with the use of this function. i have called the function as follws:

int var = -1;
ostringstream ossi;
ossi << "myContent";
std::string detailString = "my first line \n
                            the secon dline content is alos present \n
                             also we are also get s sdjhf sf"
myFunction("What value: %d \n  My content: %s \n Detail Content: %s", var, ossi.str().c_str(),  detailString.c_str());

The implementation is as follows:

void myFunction(const char * format, ...)

    int var;
    char myContent[10000];
    char detailContent[50000];
    if (sscanf(myString, "What value: %d \n My content: %s \n Detail Content: %s", &var, cmyContent, detailContent) == 3)
      std::cout<<" #### "<<std::endl;
      std::cout<<"var value is :"<<var<<std::endl;
      std::cout<<"My content is :"<<myContent<<std::endl;
      std::cout<<"detailContent is :"<<detailContent<<std::endl;
      std::cout<<" #### "<<std::endl;

with above function im getting out put as follows:

var value is : -1
My content is : myContent
detailContent is : my first line 

instead of getting total content of third argument(i.e detailContent) it gets only first line. any suggestion to get complete content of string. Thansk in advance.

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Your code does not even compile. Please fix that to enable others to help you. – Andre Nov 14 '11 at 8:17

Variable arguments in C and C++ doesn't work the way you seem to think it works. See this link for a tutorial on how to use variable arguments.

Or check out the manual page for stdarg.

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I guess that what you are trying to do is:

char buf[1024] = {};
sprintf(buf, "What value: %d \n  My content: %s \n Detail Content: %s", var, ossi.str().c_str(),  detailString.c_str());
myFunction(buf); // not using variable arguments at all

Even then the function will probably not do what you want. To enable better answers, please write down what you are trying to achieve.

Note: the use of sprintf and sscanf in C++ is not encouraged as they are insecure.

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