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Here's my question, I'm trying to use gvim under windows, and I am using cscope to walk through my code, but, when I init the cscope database under vim, there's always a problem.

my code's root folder is: D:\MyCode

and there are many subfolders, cscope.out's path is :D:\MyCode\cscope.out.

I wrote these lines when vim start:

:cs add D:\MyCode\cscope.out D:\MyCode

but the connection won't be established, so how can I define a pre-path under windows gvim?

if I use :cs add D:\MyCode\cscope.out it will work, but then I can't find the code under other subfolders.

please help.


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If you write a gvim.bat batch file that changes directory to D:\MyCode\ before starting gvim, will the simpler command work?

Incidentally, under Linux and vim, I always use :cs add . to add the cscope database and connection from the current working directory.

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:cs add . works! –  shengy Nov 14 '11 at 8:51

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