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Django, with the admin application, provides a fully funcional back-end for my web application. Django-grappelli goes further by applying wonderful style and features.

But Django doesn't provide anything for the front-end. I know that each application may have a different fornt-end, but I wonder if there are 'templates' for some standard cases (e.g a basic front-end for blogs, one for CMSs, and so on).

Are there some front-end templates or, at least, some best practices to tailor them on a Django-served app?

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I can't remember seeing any generic django frontend templates, though most blog apps etc. come with their own set of templates.

But then again: Using tools like Bootstrap or Blueprint should get you on track real quick.

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The pinax project:


it's a repository of reusable django apps from social networks features ( suh as likes ) to conference web sites

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Django templates are lightweight, easy to create, and almost always app-specific. Some apps, like Django Zinnia include ready-made templates. If you want to avoid any HTML coding, you can look for apps with templates or for apps that come with a demo.

Here are specific apps that provide templates (feel free to edit and edit):

That said, there are plenty of free, beautiful themes available, so why not just adapt one of those? If you need a commercial theme, I can recommend ThemeForest.

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