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I want to add support for searching for local Outlook contacts to my ATL/WTL app. Does anyone know of the Outlook COM interface (Office 2003 or greater) allows you to search for contacts? I already have LDAP lookup support but users want to be able to search their private contacts as well.

Any information would be welcome.

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To get access to the contacts you first have to get a Namespace object using the Application's GetNamespace function, passing "MAPI" as the namespace name.

Then you use Namespace's GetDefaultFolder function, which gives you a MAPIFolder interface which contains an Items property.

Next you call the Find function on the items.

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You must use MAPI to get access

Here you can find a MAPI wrapper


Also you should use Outlookspy, its very useful Add-on to show you most of MAPI interfaces and Outlook Object Model

You should read more about MAPI functions from MSDN


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