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I want to write step in Cucumber Scenario for selecting option "Grandfather's middle Name" from drop down list of security_questions.

 <td align="left">
        <select id="security_question" class="sign-up-security Signup_red_text" name="user_detail[secret_question]">
        <option value="Please Select"> Please Select</option>
        <option value="grandfather middle name"> Grandfather's middle Name</option>
        <option value="first date last name"> First Date's Last Name</option>
        <option value="favorite place"> Favorite Place</option>
        <div id="questionError" class="sign-up-ht"></div>

Please help me to write a step for this.

I have step definition for the same as

When /^I select "(.*)" from "(.*)"$/ do |value, field|
  select(value, :from => field) 

and i am writing this as

I select "grandfather middle name" from "user_detail[secret_question]"

But it is giving me error while running features as

Could not find field labeled "user_detail[secret_question]" (Webrat::NotFoundError)

Suggest any way.

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Webrat is expecting a <label> tag. You should make that too. You should also be able to reference the <select> element by using the id-attribute.

As a side note: Using HTML names inside your cucumber features is not done. See Dan North's post on that.

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