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I want to read certificate from eToken when it plugged-in, when I store that certificate on local machine I can read it through my java application but, I don't know how to read it from eToken.

RSAPublicKey pub;
            String fileName = "C:\\myCert.cer";

             InputStream inStream = new FileInputStream(fileName);
             CertificateFactory cf = CertificateFactory.getInstance("X.509");
             X509Certificate cert =

             pub = (RSAPublicKey) cert.getPublicKey();
             byte [] tempPub = pub.getEncoded();
             String sPub = new String( tempPub );
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One way to do this is by using the PKCS#11 provider. It comes with examples, too.

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Note that the PKCS#11 provider is only available in the 32 bit editions of Oracle Java 6 & 7. –  Robert Nov 14 '11 at 10:44
@emboss thanks for replay, but when I plugged-in USB token, I can see myCert from mozila firefox -> tools->Options->view Certificates and after plugged-out I can't so is there way to access that certificate? As I mentioned in my code and from your given link can I do it? please tell me I am really stuck here... –  Pravin Nov 14 '11 at 12:47
Sure, it's all outlined in the documentation. You basically provide the PKCS#11 provider with the information where to find the native PKCS#11 library, then you can access certificates and keys using a KeyStore (don't forget to use KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS11")). –  emboss Nov 14 '11 at 12:52
@emboss thanks for your great suggestions... I am trying for this... –  Pravin Nov 15 '11 at 4:49
@emboss m trying as your instructions but, m getting error at KeyStore key = KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS11", pro) as: java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: no such algorithm: PKCS11 for provider SunPKCS11-Aladdin. Also i tried multiple combinations with KeyStore.getInstance(); but still stuck. In config file I put C:/WINDOWS/system32/eTPKCS11.dll. –  Pravin Nov 18 '11 at 6:32

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