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I have a method that runs when the app is opened. It is called from onCreate. But I also call it from onResume. The problem I have is that at the moment it is running twice when the app opens. Is there a way to stop this or a better way to implement what I am trying to achieve?


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What's with the downvotes without comment? It should be illegal to "downvote and run". How else can a noob learn? Anyway, this was causing me trouble by double launching a thread. As obvious as the answer is, I'm glad this was the first google result. – snapfractalpop Apr 6 '12 at 14:23
Thank you, glad it helped I agree – Somk Apr 8 '12 at 23:25

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When an activity starts, onCreate() is called first and then onResume() is called,if you want it to be called only once, remove the call in onCreate().

calling the method in onResume() will ensure that the method is called when the activity regains focus, like after back press etc..

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Why not to use it only in onResume()? It IS called after onCreate anyway.


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Activity lifecycle needed steps:

Want to Start the Activity?

Activity Starts => onCreate() => onStart() => onResume() => Activity is running

Want to shut it down?

Running => onPause() => onStop() =>onDestroy() => Activity is finally shut down.

I recomend you to read this article of the official documentation: Activity

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