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This code

if ( [currentValue isKindOfClass:NSClassFromString(@"NSString")] ) {
            CBDebug(@"this is a string");

works well when the type of currentValue is __NSCFString

but it doesn't recognize the string if the type is __NSCFConstantString

How can I fix it ? (I'm on OSX)


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Try this:

if ( [currentValue isKindOfClass:[NSString class]] ) {    
            CBDebug(@"this is a string");
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Instead of checking the textstring of the class, do try the following:

[myObject isKindOfClass:[NSString class]]
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Try this [obj isKindOfClass:[NSString class]];
Normally you only need NSClassFromString when testing for class names that may not be available to you.
Note: Be careful when using isKindOfClass: method on objects represented by a class cluster. Because of the nature of class clusters, the object you get back may not always be the type you expected. isKindOfClass: will return YES if the receiver somewhere inherits from the class passed as argument.

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