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I have been searching for Fast Fourier Transform on a audio file but i couldn't get a proper one reg this.All i want to do is to input a audio file and do a FFT on it and give back the result.If there are any links which could serve my purpose will be much helpful.Thanks.

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3 Answers 3 is a C library for FFT. You'd have to use the NDK to hook into it.

There are a gpl version for open source projects and a pay version for proprietary projects.

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Thanks levis501.I went through the doc of fft.My doubt is that how to convert a audio file into a complex array of numbers which is given as input to the FFT. – androidGuy Nov 15 '11 at 6:57
I suggest starting a new question to address converting an audio file to binary data. – levis501 Nov 15 '11 at 20:07

I know some folks have used kissfft on Android. It is smaller than fftw and is bsd licensed (commercial friendly)

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This is a simple task, you can use either jTransform or Badlogic's libgdx.fft. Libgdx.fft is based off the KissFFT native libraries Mark Borgerding mentioned.

Have a look at this blog which shows the basic use of fft with libgdx in Android with a real valued float array.

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