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In Jenkins/Hudson, with the help of a Postbuild Groovy script, I would like to get one of the following:

  • an environment variable (e.g. current JOB_NAME, BUILD_NUMBER etc.)
  • the result of a specific build number of the current project
  • the build number of the last not successful build in the current project

At the moment I only found the following way, but it's rather limited:

def item = hudson.model.Hudson.instance.getItem("GroovyMultipleFailTest") 
def build = item.getLastBuild()
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${manager.build.getEnvironment(manager.listener)['BUILD_NUMBER'] }
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Bo Persson had the best answer, but was a little short.

To access the environment variables from the build in the Groovy Postbuild, you can grab them from the build. This sample code is useful for dumping all of the BUILD's environment variables to the console:

manager.build.getEnvironment(manager.listener).each {
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an environment variable (e.g. current JOB_NAME, BUILD_NUMBER etc.)

String jobName = System.getenv('JOB_NAME')
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I tried that, but unfortunately it did not work. However, I succeeded getting the project/job name by manager.build.project.getName(). –  Daniel Tkatch Nov 14 '11 at 14:22
It would appear this the one way works when running a 'system' groovy script - e.g. in the same VM as the Jenkins/Hudson process, while the System.getenv() method works when running an external script. –  Robert Feb 29 '12 at 16:12
This is accessing the machine environment variables, instead of the job ones. –  Stoinov Jul 29 '14 at 10:39

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