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Possible Duplicate:
Can we retrieve the applications currently running in iPhone and iPad

What I want to know is if there is a way to get the current background processes status(running/suspend) without jailbreak in ios

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Apps on non-jailbroken phones aren't supposed to have any way to know what's going on outside of their sandboxes, so no, I doubt there is any way (via the SDK apis) to get a list of other processes running on the phone or their current status. – Michael Dautermann Nov 14 '11 at 14:14

There are apps in AppStore doing exactly that(SYS-Activity Monitor for example). and they likely use method from Can we retrieve the applications currently running in iPhone and iPad This method doesn't allow you to determine suspended apps. It also doesn't allow you to determine which app is background(if you are background too - you can be confused) also, applications are named as 'Mail','Phone',etc(not by package ids like There are ways around this but they are require private APIs

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