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I have a .dot Word template, and I loop through the bookmarks to fill the Document.

I'm filling the template for each RecordSet's Row, but I'm creating a new/separated Word Document.

Can I Add Pages to the document or merge individual documents to open a single Word document with all pages that I need?

This is an schema of my code

Set rst = qdf.OpenRecordset()

If Not rst.EOF Then
    Do While Not rst.EOF()

        Set doc = appWord.Documents.Open(DOC_PATH & DOC_NAME, , True)
        For Each bm In doc.Bookmarks
        ' Fill Bookmarks
        Next bm
        appWord.Documents.Open filename:=DOC_PATH & DOC_NAME
End If
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What about using InsertFile to append all the documents to the first one you open? You could also insert page breaks if you want (not shown here)

Dim W As New Word.Application
W.Visible = True
Dim D As Document: Set D = W.Documents.Add
Dim R As Word.Range: Set R = D.Range
R.InsertFile "c:\somefile.doc"
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today I'll try with that :-) –  rubdottocom Nov 22 '11 at 8:18

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