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I only had HTC Desire Z with 2.3.3 Android and HTC Sense 2.1. I created some AlarmClock app that seemed to work fine - what's important here, it was "overriding" phones media volume setting to asure that alarm will be heard, even if phones volume is set to 0. Now I got Galaxy Tab and it has this "thingy" in volume control (volume Toast), that let's you mute chosen stream, while it's volume is preserved (in Desire I could just set volume to 0). Problem is, when I use setStreamVolume method it changes it's volume (shown on Toast), but stream is still muted and getStreamVolume returns 0. So, is this "mute" thing new part of Android system or maybe some Samsung thing (yet I don't see info about any "overlay" on it like HTC Sense)?

List of problems:

  1. How mute actually works (Galaxy Tab 10.1 / Android 3.1)? Is this mute option available only on Galaxy Tab, Samsung devices, or was it added in some Android version newer than 2.3.3?

  2. I didn't find information on how to check if this mute is present/on. I made workaround for it, shown in code on end of post, but I don't know if this is universal solution.

  3. I didn't find any information either on methods that would let me set this mute on or off. AudioManager's setStreamMute works just by setting volume to 0 and then setting it back to original value. I also made workaround for disabling mute, but it's not too elegant.

  4. I did some small test app that presents all above problems - tell me what you thing about those workarounds and if they work universally. All this app do, is play some ringtone ("first" of ringtones, I hope it works everywhere) and let you click buttons, firstly maximizing volume (disabling mute if needed), secondly restoring previous settings.

    public class Main extends Activity {
    Button mButton;
    Ringtone mRingtone;
    private int mStreamType;
    private int mOriginalVolume;
    private boolean mWasMuted;
    private boolean mClickedAlready;
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        mButton = new Button(this);
        mButton.setText("max volume");
        mButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {
        RingtoneManager rm = new RingtoneManager(this);
        mRingtone = rm.getRingtone(0);
        mStreamType = mRingtone.getStreamType();
    private void buttonClicked() {
        if (mClickedAlready) {
            mClickedAlready = false;
            mButton.setText("max volume");
        } else {
            mClickedAlready = true;
            mButton.setText("restore volume");
    private void maxVolume() {
        AudioManager am = (AudioManager) getSystemService(AUDIO_SERVICE);
        mWasMuted = checkIfMuted(am, mStreamType);
        if (mWasMuted) unmute(am, mStreamType);
        mOriginalVolume = am.getStreamVolume(mStreamType);
        am.setStreamVolume(mStreamType, am.getStreamMaxVolume(mStreamType),
    private void restoreVolume() {
        AudioManager am = (AudioManager) getSystemService(AUDIO_SERVICE);
        if (mWasMuted) mute(am, mStreamType);
        am.setStreamVolume(mStreamType, mOriginalVolume,
    private void unmute(AudioManager am, int streamType) {
        // am.setStreamMute(mStreamType, false); //doesn't work for Galaxy Tab "mute"
        // works, but isn't perfect
        am.adjustStreamVolume(streamType, AudioManager.ADJUST_RAISE, 0);
        am.adjustStreamVolume(streamType, AudioManager.ADJUST_LOWER, 0);
    private void mute(AudioManager am, int streamType) {
        am.setStreamMute(mStreamType, true); // just sets volume to 0, need
                                             // better solution
    private boolean checkIfMuted(AudioManager am, int streamType) {
        int currentVolume = am.getStreamVolume(streamType);
        if (currentVolume == 0) {
            am.setStreamVolume(streamType, am.getStreamMaxVolume(streamType), 0);
            // this returns true, if this is "Galaxy Tab mute"
            if (am.getStreamVolume(streamType) == 0) return true;
        return false;
    protected void onStop() {

PS. No matter what I do, I can't format it right, class name is always "out of code block". I would be thankful if someone could fix it or tell me how to do it

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