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First a little introduction to my situation: I have just started a hobby project, in regard to building my own TextEditor, called BlazeEdit. I'm writing it in Scala, and have hence, choosen to work on the JVM. I am planning to a lot of things differently than how it was done in jEdit. For instance using Actors all the way around, and also trying to defeat, "in-my-world" a slow start for the jEdit editor.

However regarding the development of an Text Editor window, which should be able to do things like, syntax highlighting, formatting etc. I would not like to begin from scrath, since this is a very big task.

So my question is, if there are some good Java, Scala etc. frameworks that I could use, which are not to heavy like for instance the Eclipse framework.

If you need more details please say so.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Stefan

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Xtext is an excellent such framework, but works on top of some Eclipse plugins. Given an EBNF-like description of a language, it generates a model, a parser, an editor with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and more.

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Not so much a framework, but SlateIDE is an editor written in scala, you may find something useful there.

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