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Hello I'm spliting my files because the model is getting bigger. So here we are again with problems:

My models; If in my Category model I remove the "ArticleToCategory" and the many-to-many relationship it works well. But I need them!

How to fix it?

I deleted the model.py in order to load files from the model package.

Category (models.category):

class Category(MPTTModel):
    # relationships
    from RubeteDjango01.generic.models.article import Article
    from RubeteDjango01.generic.models.article_to_category import ArticleToCategory
    articles = m.ManyToManyField(Article, through=ArticleToCategory)

ArticleToCategory (models.article_to_category):

from django.db import models as m

class ArticleToCategory(m.Model):
    from RubeteDjango01.generic.models.article import Article
    from RubeteDjango01.generic.models.category import Category

    article = m.ForeignKey(Article)
    category = m.ForeignKey(Category)

    class Meta:
        db_table = 'articles_to_categories'
        verbose_name_plural = 'ArticlesToCategories'


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You can define foreign keys using strings, to avoid exactly this problem.

class Art2C(..):
    art = m.ForeignKey('Article')
    from_other_app = m.ForeignKey('other_app.Article')
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thanks a lot! I was trying to put the absolute path of the module with dot notation, but it was not working. Thanks again ;) you saved me a lot of time ;) ps.: I liked that you showed how to import a model from another app too. that is really great to know. :D – Totty.js Nov 14 '11 at 13:38
I have to ask you another thing: in which other places I might use this notation? post_save... and things like this.? – Totty.js Nov 14 '11 at 13:58
pretty much everywhere else you can just move the import statement into the function call to avoid circular import problems – second Nov 14 '11 at 14:25
I also had success using importlib.import_module. – Matt Feb 5 '15 at 0:25

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