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I am looking for a library/API that seperates strings by spaces an line-breaks to appy sensible line wrapping to lines that exceed a given limit. For instance, if I set the Formatter I am looking for to column width 10 and add the following strings:

    String s1 = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.\n";
    String s2 = "The quick\nbrown fox jumped over\nthe lazy dog.";

I expect output similar to:

    The quick
    brown fox
    over the
    lazy dog.
    The quick
    brown fox
    the lazy

i.e. Line breaks already marked by the input text should be honoured and additional line-breaks schould be added when necessary.

Here is a quick and clumsy implementation by myself to illustrate a raw baseline of my expectations: Column Formatter Whip-Up

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Try the WordUtils.wrap(String, int) method from the Apache commons-lang library.

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