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I am parsing an XML file obtained from the remote server,which consists of some different fonts using SAX Parser and I want to set UTF-8 to this.How can I set?

Code is:

SAXParserFactory spf = SAXParserFactory.newInstance();
        SAXParser sp = spf.newSAXParser();
        XMLReader xr = sp.getXMLReader();
                   /** Send URL to parse XML Tags */
        URL sourceUrl = new URL(myURL);
        /** Create handler to handle XML Tags ( extends DefaultHandler )*/
        MyXMLHandler myXMLHandler = new MyXMLHandler();
        xr.parse(new InputSource(sourceUrl.openStream())); 

Waiting for the help from SO,


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Use below code to parse xml response.

Xml.parse(in, Xml.Encoding.UTF_8, contentHandler);

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You can setup the encoding in your InputSource:

It has got a method setEncoding(String encoding) - set that to "UTF8"

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