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How can I set a customize the style in extended DialogPreference ?

public class AboutDialog extends DialogPreference {
    public AboutDialog(Context oContext, AttributeSet attrs)
            //there is no such a thing like setBackground(int res_id)...

and in the xml

    android:key="key" android:title="@string/preferences_about"
    android:dialogIcon="@drawable/app_icon" android:negativeButtonText="@null"
    android:positiveButtonText="@string/ok" />

or for example is it possible to change properties of the button ?

I have one ok button, and for example I want to change the color of this 'ok' button, how can I do this?

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You override onCreateDialogView, and return the layout.

See for instance this example by Matthew Wiggins for creating a custom DialogPreference.

or here at stackoverflow

Android SeekBarPreference

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To set background of DialogPreference you can also use method


and simple color resources, specified usually inside res/values/colors.xml:

    <color name="red">#ffff0000</color>

Refer to this resource via android:background="@color/red" in res/layout/layout1.xml. (More info about setting a background)

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