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Does info provide any facility to link a foo.info file to info's main index?

The context is this: I would like to avoid maintaining my own index ("the info page for foo.info is in /abc/def/foo.info, ...").

The idea is to be able to type info foo and start reading the page, or, within emacs, to type M-x info RET foo RET and also start navigating.

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  • For additional *.info files, that is, ones that don't come with Emacs, see the doc -- e.g. (info) Emacs Info Variables and (info) Expert Info. Essentially, you just add an entry to the dir menu (the top-level, directory level of Info).

  • Besides that, you can create virtual books with Info.

    • Vanilla Emacs gives you I (command Info-virtual-index), which creates a virtual index of nodes (across all manuals) that match a string you enter.

    • Better yet, Info+ lets you add any Info nodes (pages) at all, from any manuals, to a virtual book. You can have any number of such virtual books. . (command Info-save-current-node) adds the current node, and v (command Info-virtual-book) visits a virtual book -- that is, a menu of saved nodes.

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I see neither (info) Emacs Info Variables nor (info) Expert Info after doing M-x info and m emacs. What am I missing? –  Calaf Nov 14 '11 at 15:45
That's the standard syntax for info nodes. The word in parentheses indicates the manual (in this case 'info'), and the rest of the string is the node ('Expert Info'). So you can get to the first node via C-h i info <ret> Expert Info <ret>. –  Tyler Nov 14 '11 at 17:25
In C-h i info <ret> Expert Info <ret> the second i is already suspicious. Emacs attempts to input i in the info index file. Did you want to suggest C-h i C-s info <ret> ... or something similar? –  Calaf Nov 14 '11 at 18:04
Yes, C-h i m info RET. The point is to get to the Info manual. Then use g' to go to a node with the given name (completion is available) -- g Expert Info RET`. –  Drew Nov 15 '11 at 17:11

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