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I'm using the App Scanner Tool for detecting PRIVATE API use in the application.

As instructed at website I've dragged my_application.app file & the tool scans for Private API's used refer the attached screen shot

After completing the scan for Private API's it gives out a huge list! attached is a screen shot for ref.

Here it lists out the Offending Method Signatures in the second column. What exactly does this mean (these also include delegate some of the delegate methods) & how do i go about resolving them? Do i need to go the classes & rename the methods?

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There's no way a tool like that will ever be accurate. They cannot know all undocumented private API. It's snake oil. Just submit your app and find out. If you use third party code, read it. Don't ever blindly trust third party code. –  uchuugaka Feb 1 at 8:33

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It looks like its detecting private API calls for your third party libraries (MFGridView, MFGridViewCell, KitabooGridCell...). I'm not sure how they define "private" (if it's just any function not documented in the headers). This is not a problem as far as Apple are concerned, they just don't like you calling THEIR private APIs because they cannot provide any guarantees about the results.

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I believe MF is a prefix used internally at Apple. The AppScanner tool probably just flags all MF-prefixed classes as private... –  Ben Gotow Apr 2 '12 at 6:45

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