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As most of you know, in C/C++ I would write a macro similar to this one when I deal with dynamic libraries.

#ifdef _WIN32
#  define DLLAPI __declspec(dllimport)
#  define DLLAPI

What I would like to do is a template mixin in the D programming language so I can nicely declare functions from a certain library:

mixin DLLAPI(int, "function1", string, int); // int function1(const char* arg1, int arg2)
mixin DLLAPI(byte, "function2");             // char function2()
// etc

First question is - is it a good idea to use template mixin for this, or just write the code inside version (Windows) {} version (linux) {} //... blocks? Second question - how to nicely take all the types after the function name? :)

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The solution is simply to use extern(System) instead of extern(C)/extern(Windows) - it defaults to stdcall in Windows and cdecl in Linux and whanot.


extern(System) {
    int function(...) foo;
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+1 - thanks! I have no idea how I missed the part about extern(System) in the documentation. :) –  DejanLekic Nov 14 '11 at 14:47
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