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I want to Add style of ListView in XAML for CornerRadius I have one approach but this is not work in my case. Like this.

                    <Style TargetType="{x:Type ListView}">
                        <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="White"/>
                        <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0"/>
                        <Setter Property="Margin" Value="0"/>
                        <Setter Property="OverridesDefaultStyle" Value="true"/>
                        <Setter Property="Template">
                                <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type ListView}">
                                    <Border CornerRadius="5">

                        <!-- here we go -->
                            <SolidColorBrush x:Key="{x:Static SystemColors.HighlightBrushKey}" Color="Pink"/>
                            <SolidColorBrush x:Key="{x:Static SystemColors.ControlBrushKey}" Color="Pink"/>


this will doesnot show me my data of ItemsSource so my Listview like this.

                <ListView x:Name="MenuBarList" 
                Height="{Binding MainMenuHeight}"  
                Width="{Binding MainMenuWidth}" 

so how I can add this style. thank you..!!

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Your template should include an ItemsPresenter so that the ListView knows where to display the items. The ItemsPresenter is usually inside a ScrollViewer to make it scrollable:

                    <Setter Property="Template">
                            <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type ListView}">
                                <Border CornerRadius="5">
                                        <ItemsPresenter />

An easier solution is to edit a copy of the default template:

            <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type ListView}">
                <Border Name="Bd"
                        Background="{TemplateBinding Background}"
                        BorderBrush="{TemplateBinding BorderBrush}"
                        BorderThickness="{TemplateBinding BorderThickness}"
                    <ScrollViewer Style="{DynamicResource {x:Static GridView.GridViewScrollViewerStyleKey}}"
                                  Padding="{TemplateBinding Padding}">
                        <ItemsPresenter SnapsToDevicePixels="{TemplateBinding SnapsToDevicePixels}"/>
                    <Trigger Property="IsGrouping"
                        <Setter Property="ScrollViewer.CanContentScroll"
                    <Trigger Property="IsEnabled"
                        <Setter TargetName="Bd"
                                Value="{DynamicResource {x:Static SystemColors.ControlBrushKey}}"/>
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