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I got response from webservice like

<response>*null 41 23085A49 Madhu 919703473353 1234#</response>.

I want to display my name and mobile number into two edit text fields which I have created. Can you please tell me how can I update these fields?

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Are you able to alter the webservice? – Tom Dezentje Nov 14 '11 at 14:27
If you can modify the webservice, I would recommend you to respond with json as it will be easier to parse your information – SERPRO Nov 14 '11 at 14:28

Something like:

String args[] = your_webserver_response_as_a_string.split("\\s"); //split on whitespace characters
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Firstly you need to get a proper response from the Web Service that you are working with. For example you need to get a standard data format like XML or JSON. And after getting a standardized response like that you can parse that response in your application via using a XML or JSON Parser and use it in a way that you please.

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Format seems like "value1 value2 value3 name number value5".

string = string.subString(0,string.lastIndexof(" "));
number = String subString(string.lastIndexof(" "));
string = string.subString(0,string.lastIndexof(" "));
name = String subString(string.lastIndexof(" "));
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I suggest implementing JSON. Its easy to implement and a great and simple protocol. Using a string splitter is possible but it can become a big mess.

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