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I'm currently using a script for a popup window, where when you hit the link, a nice graphic popup window will appear. My problem is, that in it's current form it's a text link, which are working fine. But I want the entire row, that being the row the link is in, to be pushable, and open the popup window, instead of just the link.

Some will say I should use an onlick command of some sort, but my problem is, that my current link is defined as:

<a href="#?w=400" rel="popup1" class="poplight">Link</a>

And I have no idea how to add the rel and class to an onclick command for the row fx. So is there some smart way to do this?

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you can use this trick to make a whole cell a link

simply, add the text you want to link it in a <div> and set both width and height 100%


<td><a href="#"><div>link</div></a></td>


td>a>div {width:100%; height:100%}

you can see an example at JSfiddle (the second row):

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