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I'm wondering where are gcc macros like builtin_expect , __attribute ((warn_unused_result)) etc. stored ? I needed to create a tag file with ctags , for things like those above.

Thanks !

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_builtin_expect is a GCC builtin, this means that the compiler has some special code to handle it. It it nowhere really defined; if you care about its implementation, look inside the file gcc/builtins.c (& builtins.def) of the GCC 4.6 (or future 4.7) compiler source code.

Likewise, __attribute__-s are handled by the compiler.

The GCC documentation lists the set of builtins & attributes understood by GCC. Plugins (or MELT extensions) for GCC can augment it.

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Some of these, like all __attribute__() are special keywords handled directly by the compiler.

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