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Need some help in Notepad++

Example how it looks at the moment



How I want it (just remove after ">....rar)


Its a list about 1000 lines. So help would be nice

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Use the following expression:



">        # literal `"` followed by literal `>`
[^.]+     # any character that is not a `.`, repeated at least once 
\.        # literal `.` character
rar       # literal string `rar`

Note: a couple of other answers pointed out that just ">.* will work. This is true, because Notepad++ doesn't appear to support multi-line regular expressions, even with [\s\S]+. Either way will work so it's personal preference. The regex I gave in this answer is very verbose and would reduce the likelihood of false positives. ">.*, on the other hand, is shorter.

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Thanks for your help Andy E. That is what I am looking for. Great! –  Eule2000 Nov 14 '11 at 14:43

In regexp mode , replace pattern ">.* with empty string.

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Search for this and replace with nothing.

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Your search string should be ">.+\.rar, and you can just blank out the replace box. This should do the job.

Also, check that you've got regex selected at the bottom of the replace box ;)

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If you put this in find ".* and nothing in replace, that should do what you're looking for.

Remember to check that you've got regex selected at the bottom of the replace box.

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Flick the "regular expression" radio button and then use this for your FIND:


Then just put empty space for your REPLACE and replace all.

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Thank you! I used this form Andy E –  Eule2000 Nov 14 '11 at 14:46

Use -

Find What : (.*)">(.*)
Replace With : \1

And check Regular expression option at the bottom of the dialog.

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