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Is it possible to give a boost::shared_ptr a default deleter for a certain type (that is not delete)?

Currently I have:

// .h
typedef boost::shared_ptr<SomeType> SomeTypePtr;
SomeTypePtr InitPtr(SomeType * p);

// .cpp
struct SomeTypeDeleter { ... };
SomeTypePtr InitPtr(SomeType * p)
  return SomeTypePtr(p, SomeTypeDeleter());

I would like to use a different default deleter, so I can skip the InitPtr method and instead use

SomeTypePtr(pSomeType);                // uses SomeTypeDeleter
SomeTypePtr(pSomeType, NullDeleter);   // uses specified deleter

What's the best way to do that?

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Best way would be a simple wrapper:

struct some_type_deleter
  // ...

template<class T>
class some_type_ptr
  : public boost::shared_ptr<T>
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<T> base_type;

  template<class U>
  some_type_ptr(U* p)
    : base_type(p, some_type_deleter())

  template<class U, class D>
  some_type_ptr(U* p, D d)
    : base_type(p, d)

  template<class U, class A, class D>
  some_type_ptr(U* p, A a, D d)
    : base_type(p, a, d)

Not perfect, but does the job.

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You cannot do that. The default deleter isn't something customizable. A shared pointer with default deleter is actually smaller (internally) than one with a custom deleter. You can make your InitPtr function provide a default, though.

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