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How to check file exists by its part name gracefully in Java?

File should be created once a Day with name as Timestamp and further should be appended.

Writing to file performed multiple time in Day.



So if file which name starts from 2011-14-11 and Today=2011-14-11 exists,that it should be appended,otherwise new one is created.

Could be regexp provided within exists() function?
Perhaps some libs enable this feature.

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First make sure you have a File object pointing to the directory where this file might need to be created. After that, you can call listFiles(FilenameFilter filter) on it. If it returns an array that is not of length 0, it means at least one file with a partial match for the name exists. You could additionally use this to detect incorrect situations (e.g. an array of length greater than 1 means there's too many files with that portion of the name).

To use this, you'd have to create an implementation of FilenameFilter. Make sure it has a constructor in which you pass the partial name or pattern for which you need to check. Regular expressions might not be necessary, a simple check to see if the current date in the desired format is contained in the file name would suffice.

Alternatively, you could use listFiles(FileFilter filter) with an implementation of FileFilter instead of FilenameFilter if there might be directories with dates in their names. Getting a single File instance for checking instead of a File for the directory plus a file name can make this easier, using method isDirectory() of File.

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G_H, never used listFiles(FilenameFilter filter).It looks like interesting point.I will give you feedback as soon check solution. –  sergionni Nov 14 '11 at 15:36
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If you open the filename you want for writing, Java will create it if it doesn't exist, and will append if it does (unless you specifically flag overwrite, in which case it will overwrite).

So, opening a simple FileWriter or FileOutputStream would do the trick.

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NimrodArgov, I've edited post.File created once and appended multiple time,so i need to check whether it exists every time. –  sergionni Nov 14 '11 at 15:28
If you're basing the file's name on a date (or anything, for that matter), the file would still be created the first time you try to write to it, and then be appended to on the next times. The question is how are you choosing your file name. –  NimrodArgov Nov 15 '11 at 16:05
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Using filereader or bufferedreader will do the trick. Both of these have checked exceptions so you will have to put them in a try catch block. In the catch block you can create the file if a FileNotFoundException or IOException, respectively, is caught.

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You can use the File class and it's methods:

  1. exists()
  2. createNewFile()

It also has other methods that can be helpful.


You might want to use the listFiles() method.

Returns: An array of abstract pathnames denoting the files and directories in the directory denoted by this abstract pathname. The array will be empty if the directory is empty.

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I know).The problem is other.When i write to file not first time it creates new by timestamp and I need to write to single file in scope of one Day –  sergionni Nov 14 '11 at 15:29
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