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I basically want to create the effect of parts of the DOM - divs etc - acting like single pages, like the data-role = content or page - but without using jquery or jqmobile as I find those frameworks too big and much too complicated for the simple tasks I require. They also come heavily designed, that I dont want to use.

I saw these posts, but they are looking for similar transitions, not the basic functionality JQuery mobile page transition without jQuery mobile
jQuery Mobile CSS3 Page Transitions without jQuery Mobile Library

But these posts lead me to believe there is a simple and light answer out there to mimic the functionality. Can anyone suggest some Javascript, HTML5, or even a light framework that does this?


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How about just having a look at the JQM source code? That's the nice thing about open-source projects... ;-)

Sourcecode is pretty small, I am sure you'll be able to manually extract whatever fits your needs.

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thanks - but my js skills are not that good! My question was really does anyone know a framework out there where this is already done, so it saves everyone time. Thanks – Jon Nov 30 '11 at 12:54

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