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To make a dating database with facts in the form of:

person(name, age, sex, height, weight, education, salary)

Given the input of:

datable(alex, X).

datable_weight_limit(alex, 170, X). Where 170 is the threshold for weight

How can I return the names of potential matches with the rules:

  1. Only opposite sexes can be matched
  2. Males should be older than females
  3. Males should have a higher education than females?

I have these relations set up:

edu_less(hs, bachelor).
edu_less(bachelor, master).
edu_less(master, phd).

edu_lesser(A, B):-
    edu_less(A, X),
    edu_lesser(X, B).

I've tried:

datable(X, Y):-

    person(X, Agel, Sexl, Heightl, Weightl, Educationl, Salaryl),

    person(Namem, Agem, Sexm, Heightm, Weightm, Educationm, Salarym),

    Sexm \== Sexl.

datable(X, Y):-

    person(X, Agel, Sexl, Heightl, Weightl, Educationl, Salaryl),

    Sexl == female,

    findall( X, person(X, _, male, _, _, _, _), Y).

But I seem to have no luck. Is there a function I'm missing or something I'm implementing wrong?

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I think you are missing following case edu_lesser(A, B) :- edu_less(A, B). – Nikita Beloglazov Nov 14 '11 at 16:25
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I think you are almost correct. Try this:

datable(M, F):-
    person(M, AgeM, male, HeightM, WeightM, EducationM, SalaryM),
    person(F, AgeF, female, HeightF, WeightF, EducationF, SalaryF),
    AgeM >= AgeF,
    edu_lesser(EducationF, EducationM),
    datable_weight_limit(M, MaxWeight),
    MaxWeight >= WeightF. 

Here we suppose, that education is also numbers. If you need also function - datable(F,M):

datable(F,M) :-
     person(F, _, female, _, _, _, _),
     datable(M, F).
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Sorry, I forgot to mention I also have this relation set up: edu_less(hs, bacherlor). edu_less(bachelor, master). edu_lesser(A, B):- edu_less(A, X), edu_lesser(X, B). How can I make the datable function return males for females, instead of hardcoding it? Thanks! – user971840 Nov 14 '11 at 16:10
What do you mean? You can delete second "reverse" function. And call datable(Male, Female). It should return all matching pairs. – Nikita Beloglazov Nov 14 '11 at 16:18
I meant the input might not always be male, but I think you covered that with the reverse function. Sorry, I just learned Prolog yesterday. – user971840 Nov 14 '11 at 16:27
If you have different input for sex, you can replace male/female in person with SexM =/= SexF, as you did. – Nikita Beloglazov Nov 14 '11 at 17:11
Your code seems to see if two people are a match. How would you return the names of the people in the database that are a match? For example, if you input datable(alex, X). it would return X = betty, samantha, etc? Thanks – user971840 Nov 14 '11 at 17:22

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