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I have a fresh android project (APP) and a fresh android lib project (LIB) under MacOS or Linux, created by command line as explained in

APP builds with ant debug successfully (no LIB connected). When I link the library from the APP's folder with a relative path as in:

android update project --library ../TestLib --target android-9 --name TestApp --path .

Everything is fine, ant debug builds the APP. But when I link it with an absolute path as in

android update project --library /Users/<path-to-lib-folder>/TestLib --target android-9 --name TestApp --path .

the ant debug build fails.

Why is there a difference between absolute and relative paths? In our automated ant build process we need to employ absolute paths.. How can this be achieved?

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the --library is the library project relative to your project directory. In my case (I'm using Linux):

libproject$ pwd
myapp$ pwd
myapp$ android update project --library ../libproject --target android-15 --name MyApp --path .

It should give this result.

Resolved location of library project to: /home/me/workspace/libproject
Updated file ./build.xml
Updated file ./proguard-project.txt
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