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I find myself needing to put guards like this:

if hash[:foo] && hash[:foo][:bar] && hash[:foo][:bar][:baz] 
    puts hash[:foo][:bar][:baz]

I'd like to shorten this in some way; I know I can wrap in a begin/rescue block but that seems worse. Maybe something like: ruby Hash include another hash, deep check

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Something like:

def follow_hash(hash, path)
  path.inject(hash) { |accum, el| accum && accum[el] }

value = follow_hash(hash, [:foo, :bar, :baz])
puts value if value
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I like that. padding. – Dave Newton Nov 14 '11 at 17:20

I found this article very informative:

value = Maybe(params)[:foo][:bar][:baz][:buz] 
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