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I have a global dictionary with Class objects and NSString keys. Every custom subclass of my Property class can register itself on the Property superclass using

+ (void)registerPropertyClass:(Class)pclass forNamePrefix:(NSString *)namePrefix

A Property is initialized with a name and value. What I want to do now is return a different class from the init method based on the name prefix (if a registered class matches).

Would something like this be correct?

- (id)initWithName:(NSString *)name value:(NSString *)value
  id instance = self;

  NSArray *registeredPrefixes = [kCKPropertyClasses allKeys];
  for (NSString *prefix in registeredPrefixes) {
    if ([name rangeOfString:prefix].location == 0) {
      instance = [[kCKPropertyClasses objectForKey:prefix] alloc];

  self = [instance init];
  if (self) { = name;
    self.value = value;
  return self;

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that this project is using ARC (so no retain/release)

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I suggest changing the loop to only obtain the class, and move the alloc to the same statement as init. It's always best to keep alloc and init paired together. And since you're using ARC, you may want to replace the alloc and init pair with new. Finally, getting allKeys isn't necessary; you can iterate on the dictionary directly, and it will yield its keys. – Peter Hosey Apr 6 '12 at 3:05
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Without compiling it, that'll work, but leak under manual-retain-release. You need to release self prior to the reassignment self = [instance init];.

With ARC, it should be fine.

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updated my question, forgot to mention that I use ARC. – Erik Aigner Nov 14 '11 at 17:23

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