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I am familiar with ios and AirPrint features. However, I'd like to print to my printer without seeing a print dialog and cannot find the correct API calls.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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Starting with iOS 8 you can print without showing a print dialog. Check out UIPrintInteractionController (Printing Directly to a Printer)

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class func printEvent(view : UIView , image: UIImage){

    let printController = UIPrintInteractionController.sharedPrintController()!

    let printInfo = UIPrintInfo(dictionary:nil)!
    printInfo.outputType = UIPrintInfoOutputType.General
    printInfo.jobName = "print Job"
    printController.printInfo = printInfo
    printController.printingItem = image

    let url = NSURL(string: "")
    let printerObj =  UIPrinter(URL: url!)
    printController.printToPrinter(printerObj, completionHandler: nil)
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No, it's Apple's policy to make things the way user understands what's going on.

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Wrong, you can do it with printToPrinter: – xaphod Jul 18 at 22:21
@xaphod answer was written before iOS 8, see the date. – Shmidt Jul 19 at 1:47
oops ok yeah didnt' see that – xaphod Jul 21 at 11:20

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