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I am working on a guess-a-number game with Ruby that will be online. I know I need to pass the SESSION somehow to keep the number that they are guessing, but I have tried a ton of methods with no luck. My code is here.

Any thoughts on what I can do get this code working? I have declared each of my sections.

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A session is, usually, a combination of a cookie (session cookie), or some session id tacked onto the url, which has some unique identification of the current "session" and a way to save the data on the server and retrieve it when given the id from the cookie.

So I would set a cookie based on for example ip + Time.now.to_i and then save that ID and the values I want set into a database or a text file on the hard drive. Note that there is probably a lot better ways to create a unique ID but aim for the simple stuff first. :)

I also recommend that you look into CGI::Session which you require with require 'cgi/session'.

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