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I have the following method that I can't figure out correct syntax to call:

public T GetAndProcessDependants<C>(Func<object> aquire, 
    Action<IEnumerable<C>, Func<C, object>> dependencyAction) {}

I'm trying to call it like this:

var obj = MyClass.GetAndProcessDependants<int>(() => DateTime.Now, 
    (() => someList, (id) => { return DoSomething(x); }) }

Edited: thx everyone, you guys helped turned on a light bulb in my head. here is what i did:

var obj = MyClass.GetAndProcessDependants<int>(
            () => DateTime.Now,
            (list, f) => 
                list = someList;
                f = id => { return DoSomething(id); };

not sure why i even an issue with this. it's one of those days i guess..


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Just looking at the description above, it looks like the call should be:

var obj = MyClass.GetAndProcessDependants<int>(() => DateTime.Now,
    (seq, fun) => { /* do something with seq and fun */ });

The key is since you are passing an Action that takes a Func, the caller is (most likely) going to be the one passing that Func into your Action. So you just specify how that Func is applied to the sequence passed in (if I'm reading the prototype correctly).

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this helped me realize what i was doing wrong –  emer Nov 14 '11 at 19:09
@emer: Glad to help! –  James Michael Hare Nov 14 '11 at 19:20

Your lambda syntax is totally wrong.

You need to create a single lambda expression with two parameters:

(list, id) => DoSomething(...)
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Right now the function is only accepting a single argument, when it asks for two!

You need to accept a list argument, such as (list, id) => {}

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var obj = MyClass.GetAndProcessDependants<int>(
    () => DateTime.Now, 
    (someList, id) => DoSomething(x)
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