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Though I am working with CakePHP, I think this problem would apply to any MVC framework.

Consider the following:

  • Model A

  • Model B

  • Model C (Join Model between A & B)


Is there any established way to handle this situation without having to create three separate methods in the join model? It feels a lot like the Decorator pattern should be applied here but I do not see how to go about it.

Maybe I am just looking at the problem wrong.

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yes, there are different approaches. from what I experienced and saw so far you can work with behaviors here.

the name of an existing behavior in that direction is "NamedScope" (found in github) and the others I cant find right now.

but basically you can set up named conditions in your model

public $scopes = array(
    'public' => array(''=>1),

which you could then combine in your queries and find() calls:

array('scope'=>array('Model.public', 'OtherModel.approved', ...)

etc. the behavior joins them into a single conditions array.

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To me it sounds like a use case for the Strategy pattern. You would have a getC method, expecting a strategy as parameter. And each strategy would be a class with a getConditions method returning the conditions for the particular strategy.

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