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I have an LDAP subtree, whose entries correspond to a tree-like structure of Java Objects. Using this subtree, I need to build the tree top-down, because each node of the tree knows its parent node but not it's child (I am not able to change the implementation).

So, I first thought to grab the entries in one search but I've read somewhere that the entries could be returned in any order (probably implementation-specific I guess).

So, am I right in my assumption, that I need to recursivly traverse the LDAP tree, one level at a time, building my tree top-down? Or are there better approaches?

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Correct. Not only are attributes, attribute values, and entries not ordered, the ordering is not repeatable. Also, the server administrators may configure the server to only allow non-root DN authentication states to retrieve a few entries at a time, or limit searches in the time the server will use processing the search, therefore, retrieving all entries may not work at all. For more general information on programming with LDAP, see "LDAP: Programming Practices".

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