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On server.coffee I have:

User = mongoose.model 'User', s.UserSchema

addEntryToCustomer = require './lib/addEntryToCustomer'

and on addEntryToCustomer.coffee I have:

module.exports = (phone,res,req) -> 
    User.find {account_id: phone.account_id }, (err, user) ->

And I get this error:

2011-11-14T19:51:44+00:00 app[web.1]: ReferenceError: User is not defined
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What are you doing to make sure User, defined in server.coffee, is visible to addEntryToCustomer.coffee? You're going to need some module.exports/require. –  Aaron Dufour Nov 14 '11 at 20:11

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In node.js, modules run in their own context. That means the User variable doesn't exist in addEntryToCustomer.coffee.

You can either make User global (careful with it):

global.User = mongoose.model 'User'

Pass the user variable to the module:

module.exports = (User, phone, res, req) -> 
  User.find {account_id: phone.account_id }, (err, user) -> …

Or reload the model:

mongoose = require 'mongoose'

module.exports = (phone,res,req) -> 
  User = mongoose.model 'User'
  User.find {account_id: phone.account_id }, (err, user) ->

It's also possible to add methods to the Models themselves, though you need to do that when defining the Schema: http://mongoosejs.com/docs/methods-statics.html

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